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SCART 2018 Indy 500: tinyurl.com/ybqglu4n

Welcome to WEC league

09 Apr 2018 16:39 #3637 by gilao425
Welcome to WEC ENDURANCE league. The WEC races will be the saturdays, and we are going to start in june, after SCART league and events. The time is the same what scart event.
We will follow the official wec calendar but I add more events for race 1 time per month and sometimes 2 times per month.
The race distance is unknow, but you can choose the race distance what you want, complete this document.


The mod have 3 categories: GTE,P2 and P1
The mods and tracks are synced in OSR aplicattion and we are testing the tracks. We are going to start in june.

Here you can see the calendar:


If you have questions, I answer in this forum or in discord.
Every news are in discord channel.

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