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Question about PIR setup

03 Dec 2017 18:33 #3479 by David Mann
The race at PIR yesterday was pretty good. But, I feel like my setup was really bad (I'm probably just slow as well, but that's another story). I was wondering if anyone has some tips or pointers about how to make a good setup for these cars. I usually start with most settings in the middle of the range, and tweak obvious things like downforce, gear ratios, ride height, camber, and caster. Most of the suspension settings have me pretty baffled, and I don't usually feel the effect of making a change that I expect. In this case, I know something is very wrong with my setup, because switching tires from ovals to softs in qualifying didn't improve the handling or lap times at all.

I tried to attach my setup from yesterday to this message, but I don't think I can.

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14 Dec 2017 05:09 #3513 by Zooparker
Replied by Zooparker on topic Question about PIR setup
Hey David,

At Race Department under the downloads tab in th Automobilista section under Misc they have a setup pdf you can download that has some basic, but very helpful info. I used it to get a decent handle on a Trenton setup for this weekend's race. You should look into it.

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16 Dec 2017 05:13 #3517 by David Mann
Replied by David Mann on topic Question about PIR setup
Thanks mate, I did not find a guide in the Downloads section, but I did revisit the stickied guide in the AMS Setup forum and traced the PDF back to the Downloads section. There is some really good stuff in that thread, especially Heitor's discourse on weight transfer and suspension setup on page 3. I need to study all that more and try to apply it.

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