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07 Aug 2017 16:40 #3257 by Jean-Marie Balestre
The Administration at OSR have always carried the belief that we can all contribute to the improvement of the group. Recently we have been called a Club. We like that. We want that. As a Club of Racers we are committed to each other in so many ways. One of those ways is by Sportsmanship. Sportsmanship is defined as fair and generous treatment of others in a sporting event.

Our two oval events have left us wanting. We have seen very some behaviors that create dangerous racing situations. These situations have resulted in some damaged race cars, races ruined and some disappointed drivers. Nobody wants that. Our focus here has been to try to create a racing environment where we maximize the number of cars reaching the finish line. Keeping that in mind we are then not just talking about the drivers who were wrecked, but also those who are struggling to be competitive. Every race here matters. That is p24 up to p1.

The past two oval events have shown us that we need to work on a few key areas. Rather than calling out people by name, or issuing penalties we invite you all to engage in discussion as a group. We invite you all to analyze and engage in the necessary improvement.

The Administration has identified the following areas as areas requiring improvement.

Drivers not holding their lines. If you are low, you need to keep it low in the corner. If you are running the high line then you need to maintain that high line through the corner.

Blocking tactics. Several instances have been seen where cars are clearly throwing blocks. This has been seen as early as the first lap and in other cases for positions out of the points. These tactics must stop. They have been as subtle as a twitch and as extreme as putting someone into the grass.

Slow or damaged cars remaining on track. We do not want people to quit racing, but retiring your car from an event is often the greatest demonstration of Sportsmanship.

Restarts. Gentlemen, we must maintain the pace as best we can and we must maintain the distance as described by Dann in the Driver's Briefing. For example yesterday at Atlanta Dann stated 2 car lengths. This means we must be at or about that 2 car lengths behind the car ahead. We cannot layup a large distance (like 20 car lengths) and then get a big timed run at the green flag and overtake the cars that are maintaining the pace speed. This was bad in both events and the tactic must stop.

Being totally open and honest here Gents, this mod on ovals is pure gold. We have raced several platforms and several versions of Indy Cars and this is pure gold. The Administration feels that if we can clean up the racing a bit then we can have some really great events not only on this schedule, but also in future schedules and one-off events.

Should anyone want any help, or guidance through these upcoming oval events please reach out. The best thing we can do is continue to practice racing with one another. That is the best way we can all get to know each other and get to know the cars and circuits. The improvement will come from that. The success of all is right here in front of us. We control our own destiny.


President of the M' Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile

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07 Aug 2017 17:22 #3258 by DJBoston
I'd like to say, don't be afraid to use TC if you feel your car is loose on cold tires. Do most of your practice with a race setup and try to get some drafting done behind 2+ cars. 1 car drafting doesn't give you the full picture of what your car is going to do in dirty air. Everyone makes mistakes but try to set up your race car to be safe rather than fast, you can't win if you don't finish. Be patient as well, the race isn't won until the last lap, if you aren't there, you can't win.

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07 Aug 2017 19:18 #3259 by Thomas Mundy
Totally agree with this. As someone who has simraced for nearly 13 years now, I can say I always use TC on the restarts anyway because it just takes out risk. There seems to be some people who think there is shame attached to using traction control. No there isn't, its just being sensible and trying to make sure you make the end.

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09 Aug 2017 01:41 #3263 by Don Boston
My thoughts are it is a combination of restarts as well as drafting. My suggestion is run a pre-race for newbies to get them used to the racing draft as well as restarts this last track in my opinion gets very narrow as speed increases. I'm still not as experienced as others so any thoughts from all are welcome to hear.
A race with no points, have a few experienced drivers drive only quick enough to keep the pack bunched up to feel a race pace and help them to learn. We had one racer realize that this could be crazy before the race started, and he bowed out even after 200 laps of practice, as far as giving out setups before the race my thoughts are mixed, it is good that the newer guys get to feel what we are using but...going too quick and over confidence can lead to incidences, as well as a car that can't keep up and being lapped every dozen laps can make a driver feel really bad about himself and possibly quit the series, we always need new drivers I hope that we never feel like we are exclusive and unattainable I hope that these thoughts can help resolve some of the issues that we felt on Sunday.

Born to be Wild

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09 Aug 2017 01:53 #3264 by Don Boston
Hey Newbies and Winners
I have been a back marker for a few years now, I personally am just starting to feel comfortable racing online with these awesome racers I have had the privilege to run with and learn so much from.
Am I doing good? Not usually but I keep trying. My results at the end of the day are my only measure of how I may have gotten some part of the race right, or very wrong. Let me say to any to those that I have messed up during a race, I apologize I didn't do it intentionally I try my best to get out of the way and not interfere with your race and points, and I'm so thankful of the patience you have shown me and aloud me to keep trying.
Let me say also the I'm very glad to see all you newbies here and I know how hard you are trying your best to be a contender, I'm still trying me ass off, as I know you are, please be patient it takes time.
Some of you have the raw natural talent that most of us are jealous of, if given 1/2 the chance you will find yourself on the podium or in the position to win many races many times. Other like myself will have to work our asses off race after race just to try to be the race driver we feel is inside of us.
Those of you who don't quit because your not doing well and still try week after week, have as much or even more of my respect as those who constantly do exceptional. It's not easy to find your self laps down at the end of a race and still feel like you accomplished something and come back for more humbling punishment race after race by these guys who consistently find themselves in the position to win race after race.
Please be patient with yourselves, experience is the only thing that will sooner or later help to find yourself winning races, or just getting a few points, it takes time, the right setup and a little luck. Murphy is a prick he will mess any of us up any chance he can, it's murphy's law!

Born to be Wild

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13 Aug 2017 23:12 #3270 by Leggett
As said above,, PLEASE practice with other drivers on the track and draft. Your Qual set more than likely will not make a good race set. Spend your time working and adjusting a race set, it will help you in the long run.

Ben "Logitek"


Bring That Beat Back

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14 Aug 2017 00:01 #3271 by Dann
Replied by Dann on topic SCART Oval Racing Discussion
On Sunday August 20th we will have a 50 lap / 100 mile practice race @Michigan. If you plan on running in the U.S. 500 then it would be optimal to be in attendance for the test race. ;)

"Winners forget they're in a race, they just love to run"

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23 Aug 2017 15:20 #3290 by Michael
I think the practice race was very helpful. Wanted to give some shout outs to the guys who posted on here and to all who engaged in the practice race and the communication afterwards. It was all excellent.

I sincerely thank you guys.

Team Principal Andretti Autosport


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