[Season 12] Round 6: Michigan - Sunday, August 27th, 2:00 PM EST

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14 Jun 2017 01:50 - 14 Aug 2017 08:14 #3180 by Dann

Qualifying: 2:00 pm EST
Briefing: 2:10 pm EST
Warmup: 2:15 pm EST
Practice Start: 2:25 pm EST
Race: 2:30 pm EST

Simsync is required to download the season mod files.
Presence on Discord is preferred.

Laps: 6 Laps maximum (1 outlap, 4 hotlaps, 1 cool down lap - best lap counts)
Time Limit: 10 Minutes
Mode: private

Start Procedure: Rolling Start (Safety car will lead the field)
Length: 250 laps / 500 miles

Name: OnlineSimRacing.net SCART
Allowed Driving Aids: Low Traction Control, Auto Clutch
Damage Level: 50%
Fuel Consumption: normal
Tire Wear: normal
Setups: open

SCART LiveRacers & Hotlaps
- The pit in and pit out lines are to be followed.

"Winners forget they're in a race, they just love to run"
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29 Aug 2017 20:10 #3303 by Ori
This was the funnest oval race I have ever had. I will spare a long text of priases and leave at this. The feeling I had in this race was the feeling I have when watching the 2000 US 500. But I was actually living it.

Thank you.

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29 Aug 2017 21:42 #3305 by Michael
Hey guys,
Got some feedback from some of my conversations after the race. I just wanted to say it clearly that I was not trying to be highly critical of anyone's drafting efforts in the race. Yes I did reference a few specific instances, but what I was trying to do was just articulate my perspective and opinion. I may have gone on too much as usual. I felt that some were taking to the low line a tad fast and that I felt a winning push around the top groove was going to require precision and a pusher behind with that same epic precision. I didn't mean that it was something that I could do, nor did I mean that others could not. What I meant was that it was going to be like having all the stars align at the same time to get it done with the three cars hooked up on the bottom line. The draft was that tough I felt. So please don't take any of my comments personally or in the nature of any critical analysis of your driving. I just meant that it would take a precision combined attack.

Anyways, as always if anyone wants to talk about anything I am here. I am usually easier to find on google chat, bbqsmokinfool@gmail.com is my email there.

Can't wait for Kentucky... got the Buffalo Wild Wings FLD Reynard looking good so far!


Team Principal Andretti Autosport


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