Oval Racing Conduct from Round 3 of SCART Season 10: Rio

21 Mar 2016 16:16 - 21 Mar 2016 16:18 #2685 by Jean-Marie Balestre
Hello Everyone,

After the admin staff at OSR reviewed Round 3 of the SCART Season 10, we have noticed that there were plenty of unnecessary cautions that took place during the race. We do appreciate that everybody was understanding of what took place last night. It was not fun for anybody. Some of these involved individual spins while other incidents involved contact between cars. We understand that incidents are a part of the race but we do not want to have another experience like last night.

There will be no penalties. We feel that collectively that we can all do better. The race was shortened, however points will be distributed normally.

What we ask for is that everybody who takes part our races to think before making a pass attempt. High risk maneuvers are understandable at the end of the race but not as much early on. Nobody wants their night shortened from being "dive bombed" less than 25 percent through. So please think about it. We also suggest looking at your race set up. Certain cars may be more unstable under heavy fuel load and you may need to make some adjustments to accommodate the changes whether it is more wing or changing some suspension settings. We also suggest running on track with a few people during practice for those who are not comfortable with oval racing. While we all aspire to have our name at the top of the table, the only time that really matters is at the end of the race. If anybody would like to practice with somebody, please post a time where you may be able to hop on the server for a few laps and we will try to get a few guys together. We can also add some AI to the server to provide traffic.

To recap,
1. There will be no penalties issued for the race.
2. Points have been distributed as normal.
3. The admin team recommends running with others for practice. AI can also be applied.

Let's have a great season.

President of the M' Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile
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