MF1 Round 6 Review

09 Aug 2016 13:04 #2841 by Jean-Marie Balestre
Sunday's Grand Prix was quite an event. The strategies played out and the racing itself left the crowd cheering through the final laps. This being said there were some flared up tempers and some debate soon after the racing had concluded.

While no formal action will be taken we just wanted to say that it is always important to communicate with one another. The best communication is always a positive and proactive communication. This is not always easy in the moments of the race and we do recognize that everyone does their best. And to be quite honest sometimes people are just a little bit too sensitive given the nature of all of the pressures that surround them both on and off track. Even if it is well after the fact we always promote communication. Talk to each other. Enjoy the racing, enjoy the struggle... for without it what is this all for?

We thank you all for your continued participation. The whole of the MFiA is excited to return to America's Watkins Glen. Easily one of my favorite circuits.

Bon chance,

President of the M' Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile

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