MF1 Round 4 Review

31 Jul 2016 15:15 #2827 by Jean-Marie Balestre
Greetings Gentlemen,
Another fine event was recently held at the Hungaroring. We did notice some superb driving. We want to acknowledge that before we address anything else. This is a tight circuit in most places and side by side racing is just not possible. That being said we saw examples of pilots trying their best to avoid contact and delaying the leaders. We applaud those efforts.

Contrarily we did see a few examples of blocking in the slightest way. If you give your car a slight kick out while someone is in tight pursuit that is blocking. The only reason why we deem it as such is that it can place not only your car, but the pursuing car into an awkward position. Those positions create danger for contact and races ruined. Admittedly this did not occur. That tight racing was absolutely incredible. Especially with the two lead cars.

We again come to a very tight track, but the other dangers that lurk at the Hockenheimring are heavy braking and fast chicanes. We encourage everyone to be very cautious as all drivers have different braking points. We also encourage the cars at the back to be very careful when the leaders come around. If that means that you need to slow where you would not normally slow then so be it. Take care of each other as best you can.

Thank you,

President of the M' Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile

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