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28 Aug 2015 00:04 - 09 Sep 2015 01:37 #2173 by Dann
F1 1991 LE 3.0 RFE was created by Dann

Presenting the F1 1991 LE 3.0 RFE mod

Original credits go to the F1SR Mod Team for the HE 1.0 mod as well as Slimjim for the 2.10 LE mod.

This is the League Edition for this mod. F1SR (Acestumacher) granted us full permission to create this and they have full permission for the use of the cars. This 3.0 mod has all of the same physics as the original 2.10 LE mod by Slimjim -- Full credit to Slimjim. We kept the 2.10 mod as untouched as possible while updating it to be fully RFE compatible. One fine tuning adjustment is the original dry tires wear rate.

Our team worked mostly off of the LE mod and preserved it as much as possible. We added the HE rain tires to make it compatible for wet weather conditions. The tires are now changeable in the garage & pits.

The mod now includes the following tire compounds:

The "weather setup" upgrade has been removed as it is all handled in the garage now.

Install notes: extract the contents to your rfactor main directory. This includes the complete mod (with RFE files) so please delete all older 91 mod files.

Credits for the original GP4 Mod go to: Erik van Leeuwen, Ross Sherlock, Andrew Scott, Nick Ovey, Harro Haldering, Lloyd Davies, Jaap Wagenvoort. We would also like to thank “Cherry” for his incredible work and permission to use some of his vehicles.
and Thank IDT for the Helmets and Suits

Original rfactor mod credit goes here:

3.0 RFE mod credits go to Marcus Sundstrom, Dann Murillo, and Will Boston for their RFE and general modding work. Additional testing credits go to Aidan Polson and Dragan Djuricic.

Simsync Download (with Season 7 tracks)

Direct Download Links (mod only mirrors)

MF1 will be running this mod for Season Series 7 from October to December.

"Winners forget they're in a race, they just love to run"
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