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Hello guys!

I am appasionate of create, research and develop setups. Thats the reason that I start this thread to share differents aproach and learn from each driver experience and knowledge the art of setting a car.

Leaving self interest aside and on the good sake of better performance to all. From my experience I suffered a lot on races... My setups are maybe too agresive.

I invite u all to upload here your own sets. My goal is to create a strong knowledege basis for all of us on this important and crucial part of a racing driver experience.

A detailed discuss for each track we will race of the wings, suspensions, tires pressure, weight distribution, gears, cambers, braking, caster, toe and so on... including the more advanced setting on a asymetrical setup, will lead us as a group to a better understanding of this sport and I am sure will be very helpful for the begginners.

This is my current set for Imola based on both dry and wet conditions.

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27 May 2015 01:04 #1815 by Gomez
Replied by Gomez on topic 2015 SETUPS

Here I send two sets.

"Imola2015 wet base" is a set that I started from wet conditions. I lowered a lot the rear end of the car and worked on a hard rear suspension.

"Imola2015 dry base" is a set developed from the wet base set but testing on dry conditions. I put more rear height increasing the angle of attack to fast corners. To keep the balance I put more front weight distribution. For accelerate before on those curves I put coast differential on 0. This gave me more grip on outside wheels. i decided to keep the wet wings at 40-35 thinking on the race that will have dry and raining contidionts. But I think that if there will be only dry conditions the wings could be 40-30 lowering a little on the rear heights.

I have to test braking for long distance to see if 95% resist with duct on 3 and how the balance affects the front and rear tires (overheating, overuse etc.)

Remember this set is designed for no traction control assistence. Cockpit view is recommended.

Feel free to comment if u have any impressions on the testing.

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