Season 4, Round 11: Malaysia - Sunday, November 16th, 4:30 PM EST

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09 Nov 2014 23:24 - 17 Nov 2014 15:25 #647 by Dann
Malaysian Grand Prix




Briefing: 4:00 pm EST
Qualifying: 4:10 pm EST
Warmup: 4:20 pm EST
Race: 4:30 pm EST

Presence on TeamSpeak is mandatory.

Setting: Q3 Session
Time Limit: 10 Minutes
Laps: Unlimited (best lap counts)
Mode: public

Start Procedure: Standing Start (no formation/parade lap)
Length: 30 Laps

Name: - MF1
Allowed Driving Aids: Low Traction Control, Auto Clutch
Damage Level: 50%
Fuel Consumption: normal
Tire Wear: normal
Setups: open


Track: Sepang International Circuit
Location: Sepang, Selangor, Malaysia
Length: 5.543 km (3.444 mi)
Turns: 15
Lap record: 1:34.223 (Juan Pablo Montoya, Williams, 2004)

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10 Nov 2014 01:44 #649 by KimiRaikkonen

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10 Nov 2014 02:46 #650 by Side Door
Go Kimi! Home ground :D

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10 Nov 2014 04:40 #652 by KimiRaikkonen

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12 Nov 2014 19:25 - 12 Nov 2014 19:25 #669 by Erick3331
Hi my friends. I was not in the race sunday , because unfortunately I've been in work :(
But now I will be here this weekend ;) "CONFIRMED" I'll be there ;)


Twitter :
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17 Nov 2014 14:32 #706 by Side Door
Qualifying: I only had 6 laps of practice or so, going into qualy, and luckily i got a proper set from ma boi Mike, who is also my main rival for the title. Funny how teamwork and friendly conduct works eh? I managed to put a lap in for p4 in the start, then as the dry line formed a bit, we all got a bit faster. I was purple going into S2, then overshot the double right hander by a lot, costing me a lot, so i went only green into S3, and i ended up just 0.002 behind Kimi, or Vlad, i am not sure.
But then Mike went his way and put in a last minute stunner, just like at Fuji. Proving to be the Button of MF1, damn good in changing conditions.

Race: Mike and i knew we just needed to keep the car on track and make it to the end. Having been punted into T1 on the practice start i wasnt too keen on racing everyone, and neither was him, from what i could see. I botched the start a bit, and ended up 3rd last or something like that. (ori was just behind me, so you do the maths hehe ) picked 2 off in turn 2, then slot in behind Mike while Kimi and Marcus settled it between eachother in front. Marcus pulled away, while Manuel had a 14 second gap in P1. And Mike was just waiting for a mistake from Kimi, and when it came, we both used it well. After that i just tried following him around, trying to also mimic his lines and brake/accel points. We both made our mistakes, losing and gainind several seconds but ya know. Around lap 10 it stopped raining completely, and the track started drying up. With DX8 enabled, i could hardly see the difference on track, so i just ran my normal line. Tyres were going off hard, and i noticed Manuel and Marcus (i think) pitted. Marcus made a mistake into the hairpin, so mike passed him, i attempted to as well, but i had to take the outside line, just touched the curb and spun into him. I turned him around, wanted to wait for the re-pass but he was spun around in the sand so i couldn't wait. Sorry about that. No intention. Manuel was then constantly losing time to us, having exited the pits behind us, so i assumed he was on dry tires, (this proved to be right) and as we were catching vlad up, we saw him pit as well, and he came out in front of derka. Which was a good sign, considering we were shortly behind him when he went in. Mike and i managed to make the tyres last just that few laps longer, and as i was thinking out loud on teamspeak, what do you think do we pit, do we take inters or dry tires? I saw the first drops of rain coming out of the penultimate turn and said, its raining again, lets pit, take inters. So we did. So we came out in front. And so we kept for the remainder of the race. I manage to pull away a bit, but i cocked it up in one of the turns, lost 7 seconds of laptime, and mike was back to just a 1.5 gap to me for the last 10ish laps i think. Intense stuff, teamspeak was silent, we weren't going to let it go, had he got the chance. COming into the last lap i nearly spun and gave it away, but i corrected it and kept him behind, just enough to get the win.

Super proud of this one, 3rd to 1st in changing conditions after a bad start.

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17 Nov 2014 16:17 #709 by Aidan_Polson
Quali- fairly pleased with the qualifying result, was improving until i lost it at the double right and lost alot of time. i was optimistic going into the race

Race-I was careful to watch traction off the line as (in the practice start) many drivers had spun, causing collisions. start was good, moved up a few places, it was overall a very clean first lap considering racing with people from both sides of the world. the pace was suprisingly good but i gave my tyres a real beating making the decision on whether to pit for dry tyres, or fresh inters. But luckily derka had pitted for dry's and his pace decreased significantly (sorry derka :P) this was a sign that the inters were the optimal tyre. i also got a little bit of assistance from Andrew, who was spotting for mo ( i couldn't see any rain for some reason). After the stop i managed to come out in 4th with derka behind, his pace was very good so he passed me easily and from then on in i was focused on conserving the tyres and not spinning.due to the 30 second gap to 6th. It was a great race and a great result for me considering the amount of retirements i have had to deal with due to mistakes on my end. very happy and looking forward to abu dhabi. :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:

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17 Nov 2014 18:57 #716 by Michael
Race Recap

Qual: I was saddened not to see Morten. I didn't want to see the three horse race turn into a two horse race. But as we all must do, I continued on... I lost my hud when i went out for my final run. I had to cut the fuel to enough for just 2 laps as time would expire half way through my 2nd lap. The rFactor timing showed I was just under Vlad's time. I didn't realize that was the provisional pole time at the moment. When I crossed the line I was happy that I ran a clean lap. I didn't overdrive any corners, and I felt it was a solid lap. It took a few glances before I realized I ran a 1:37.6.... I kept looking and I knew it was a good lap, but that stunned even me. Very very very happy.

Race: Suboptimal to be honest. I had another horrible start and it bottled up Zdravko behind me as well. Sorry for that. I then could not regain my practice pace. I felt the rain was heavier in certain areas as opposed to practice. I wanted to be careful, but I also wanted to push to cut the gap to those ahead of me. They made a few errors which allowed me to pass. I then made a few errors which allowed Zdravko to pass me. We got lucky in the pit stop exchange. I had Vlad directly in the rears. He made a slight bobble which allowed me to escape his grasp. Z then made a huge error that allowed me to tighten my grasp. I tried to really hold my breath and press with full strength for the final 3 laps. As it turned out I made 3 very costly errors on the final lap. It cost me nearly 2 seconds of pace... I had hoped for a final turn pass, but it was not to be.

Congrats to Z and Vlad for the podium. Great race gents!

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