Project Cars 2 - Worth or not?

26 Nov 2017 10:09 #3474 by vicmackey
As Project Cars 2 is available as demo just now (and the full game on steam sale) I was wondering if anyone here could share some more experience. From my perspective (2h demo time) it feels quite nice to race after switching off all the assistants. Compared to AMS the graphics are just awesome and I'd hope that it would allow me to race online some more as for AMS most of the servers are quite empty :)

Please share some of your experiences in regard to the simulation aspect of the game; i hate everything arcade like. Should I get it or not?


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17 Jan 2018 03:33 #3559 by Marketcrash16
Honestly I like it. I think the tire model still needs some work and I feel like the manual transmission cars have some kind of autoblip hardcoded, but some cars really feel good. I did have to use the Jack Spade ffb files (standard mid) to get the feedback dialled in but it is NOT a simcade.

I prefer it over Assetto, but I do have concerns as to whether SMS will continue to patch and expand on this sim, or simply begin work on Pcars 3. If you can get it on sale and you like GT cars I would say yes. The Open wheel stuff simply can't compete with AMS so you'll be disappointed there.

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