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Thank you

03 May 2017 20:55 #3116 by Don Boston
Don Boston created the topic: Thank you
Hey Dann and guys
I just wanted to say how much I'm enjoying the night sprints I have been apart of!!! :cheer:
I wanted to thank Dann for ALL of his efforts in too many ways to list, to bring racing into our homes.
Not to forget ALL you other guys (you know who you are LOL) who have put so much effort in as well it's not easy to get all this ready
I for one appreciate YOUR effort
Don Victor Boston

Born to be Wild

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04 May 2017 14:23 #3117 by Dann
Dann replied the topic: Thank you
Thank you Don. This is nice to read.

It's funny, my sim racing fun started in like 1996 when I purchased Indycar Racing II and the rest is what you see here today. We have always tried to make the best decisions and help steer the league in the right direction whether it be with the simulator(s) of choice, the series, the rules, the personnel, or even what you are looking at right now with the webpage details. We are not perfect and may not always make the correct initial decisions but we try to continue to learn and do better each and every season, championship, and race.

On behalf of those who help put this all of this together: Thank you Don and thank you all for being a part of this. It is truly a pleasure to spend time making new friends from all over the world - and to race with all of you is only a bonus.

"Winners forget they're in a race, they just love to run"

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